Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Mother Teresa

Meet Dr. Christina Rahm

Dr. Christina Rahm is a humanitarian, global entrepreneur, patented scientist, author, and mother, managing 22 companies across 89 countries. As the CEO of DRC Ventures and Chief Science Formulator at The ROOT Brands, she is deeply involved in philanthropy, notably through The Rahm Foundation, which she founded to partner with other non-profits to change the world.

Known for her honest, down-to-earth wisdom, Dr. Rahm speaks from the heart, believing that her failures have taught her more than her successes, positioning her perfectly to help others. Her mission is to help people build healthy environments and meaningful lives by eliminating negative influences.

Dr. Rahm's extensive global education includes numerous Master's and Doctorate degrees and certifications in Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Management, Nutrition, Education, Psychology, and Philosophy from prestigious institutions. She has lectured and conducted research globally at renowned institutions and currently conducts lectures and speeches worldwide in the nutraceutical field, including at the Vatican. She also hosts three podcasts, sharing her knowledge on science, fashion, and lifestyle.

She has formulated for numerous companies and labs, including her own, creating 18 patents (4 approved), proprietary formulas, and trade secrets. Dr. Rahm has authored seven books, including her "Cure the Causes" book series and her newest book on Military Science. She has also launched Ella Pure skincare, Merci Dupre Clothiers sustainable fashion, and Rahm Roast, a clean coffee brand.

Dr. Rahm's story is one of innovation, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of health and happiness for all. She is not just creating products; she is nurturing a global community dedicated to better lives. With her expertise and commitment to excellence, Dr. Rahm aims to help people worldwide find empowerment and lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

She currently resides in Brentwood, Tennessee, with her husband Clay and has four children. When they aren't traveling, they split their time between their farm in Missouri and their lake house in Kentucky.