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What People Say About Dr. Christina Rahm


Genie James, MMSc

Founder and President
GJ Enterprises, LLC

“Dr. Christina Rahm stands out as a thought leader exploring the deep forces driving fundamental changes across the healthcare industry, most specifically a shift from a bloated revenue-rich sick care system to a new industry pivoting on clinically-proven alternatives for health, wellness and longevity solutions.

Underpinning much of Dr. Rahm's unique expertise is not only her heightened acuity for scientific exploration and medical research but, also, her personal story as a woman, mother, female business leader and cancer survivor.

Dr. Rahm stands out from the crowd because she has never been in it. She is a groundbreaking medical scientist and an industry change agent propelled as much by a spirit of compassion as by her singular intellect.”


Dr. Fernando Diaz

Neurological Surgery
Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery
Neurosurgical Spine Surgery

“I have worked with Dr. Christina Rahm for the last nine years and have always found her to be enthusiastic, energetic and always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. In that respect, Dr. Rahm has never hesitated to get her hands in any project, and in particular in basic research activities. She has been involved in chemical development in cancer projects, and recently went to the extent of getting enrolled at Harvard University, to gain an advanced degree in genetic engineering. The advanced learning acquired at Harvard will assist in the development of new health extending compounds. Dr. Rahm is a dynamic and enterprising person who has been always a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Alan Boyer


“As the CEO of an insurance company focused on Wellness and Indian Health Services, Dr. Rahm assisted us on numerous occasions to develop our company and our brand.  Additionally, I have served on numerous healthcare BODs with Dr. Rahm and her insight and strategic guidance have been crucial to the businesses and the executive teams. 

She is dedicated to improving the quality of environmental and human detox and wellness in our world.  I know anything she touches is with the intent of helping our world be a better place and this is a passion we share.  Her vision of assisting women, children, and minorities is one I greatly respect."