Welcome to Cure the Cause. I’m so excited to be writing my first blog for my new website! I’m equally excited to finally get some space in my life to passionately pursue something that I think is extremely important —- helping people detoxify their bodies and environment.  For me, this is a driving force.

Now, when you hear “detox”  I know it’s easy to go to a place in the brain that thinks “juice cleanse” or “all-kale-all-day”. But I’m not talking about a quick fix or the headline or food of the moment. I’m talking about life, the toxins we take in on a daily basis and how it is all intertwined. 

Part of my passion about detoxification comes from my background. I was raised in rural farm country where food was life, but pesticides ruled. I’ve worked in pharmaceutical and biotech companies and seen the good they do and the good they won’t allow to happen.  I’ve gotten two doctorate degrees in Counseling and Strategic Science with postdoc work in nanobiotechnology, so I have seen it from the emotional and science side. I’ve also been a formulator and researcher in a lab. And I can tell you with 100% confidence that we live every day in a toxic environment.

From the time we are in our mother’s womb all the way until we die, we are exposed to those toxins. Now, I don’t say that to be scary. I say that because it is true and because I am hopeful that together we can do something about it. If we will continuously cleanse our bodies and get rid of those things that cause disease or illness, then we will have a better quality and quantity of life.

Toxins cause inflammation in the body. The cells start talking, and instead of saying positive things, they say negative things. Think of it as one cell making another cell sick or angry, and eventually causing it to die. They basically form a gang of bad cells. What we have to do is to understand our own bodies and take positive steps to clean out the trash and replenish the body with things that make a positive impact.

But when I think about detoxifying, I don’t just think of our bodies. I think of our land, our air, our water, our backyard, the inside of our homes, our corporations and the relationships we have with other people. Each can be cleansed and improved in different ways. Each has it’s own path.

The good news is, it can be done. We now have the information, formulas and wellness strategies to do something about it. But we need to start putting it to practice. I’m excited to start helping people find their own personal path to wellness. My Cure the Cause programs have been developed to give everyone the means to remove the negative toxins, replenish the body and establish a lifestyle according to they are, where they are and most importantly how they want to live.